Plex Meta ManagerMetadata management for PlexPlex library organizationPlex metadata editorPlex media managerOrganize Plex media libraryAutomate Plex metadataPlex movie metadata managementTV show metadata for PlexPlex metadata scraperPlex artwork managementPlex metadata agentPlex metadata cleanerPlex metadata fixerPlex metadata toolPlex metadata updaterPlex metadata extractionPlex metadata taggingPlex metadata customizationPlex metadata templatesPlex Meta Manager is an exceptional open-source project that simplifies metadata creation and maintenance, as well as the creation of collections and playlists within a Plex Media Server. With continuous script running, the application can update information based on sources beyond your Plex environment. It supports Movie/TV/Music libraries and Playlists and can make collections based on various attributes like Movie Charts, Studios, IMDB Genres, People, and more.

Please note that Plex Meta Manager currently only supports Plex and is not compatible with Emby, Jellyfin, or Kodi. Feel free to discuss any queries or concerns you may have with us before placing an order.

We provide support for various environments, including Unraid, Local Linux PCs, Cloud servers, and SSH enabled any service. Plex Meta Manager also supports Docker enabled any service.






  1. Plex Meta Manager
  2. Metadata management for Plex
  3. Plex library organization
  4. Plex metadata editor
  5. Plex media manager
  6. Organize Plex media library
  7. Automate Plex metadata
  8. Plex movie metadata management
  9. TV show metadata for Plex
  10. Plex metadata scraper
  11. Plex artwork management
  12. Plex metadata agent
  13. Plex metadata cleaner
  14. Plex metadata fixer
  15. Plex metadata tool
  16. Plex metadata updater
  17. Plex metadata extraction
  18. Plex metadata tagging
  19. Plex metadata customization
  20. Plex metadata templates